The Outfitter

In the early 1930s,"Du Lièvre River" was used by loggers to transport timber, the correct term is the "La Drave". After a few years, the McLaren family built several dams in the region in order to create a water reservoir. This tank was the main purpose of generating electricity. That's when Lake Dudly was created in the 1940s.

Due to the volume of workers increased steadily and the demand for housing drove Archie Beaulieu to build the first cottages in the history of the outfitter. These small houses were nicknamed Pensions Red, White and Blue.

Then in 1958, a contractor of the Abitibi named Armand Ayotte and his wife Annette Perron purchased the outfitter. They then operated for 12 years a dream place to hunt and fish, which was called "Chalets Bleu-Blanc-Rouge".

In 1970, Mr. Armand Ayotte sold the outfitter to one of his sons, Roger Ayotte. Roger built other cottages and took over the lodge during the next 34 years.

In 2004, Roger decides to retire and sell his outfitter to his niece, the 3rd generation of the Collin family. Seeing the rising demand for contact with nature, the Collin family built five new premium cottages to satisfy a growing clientele.

Today, the outfitter, is named Dudley Lake Outdoor Center and has an accommodation capacity of 80 people, has 14 camps and cottages and more land for camping and caravans. There are a multitude of onsite services such as boat rental and to make your stay unforgettable.